Monday, April 26, 2004

Here’s a Silly Idea… The Hype Man’s Gallery of Gals- yes, the sordid, sorry slate of strike-outs! S Mervin- I suppose I had an innocent crush on her back in 1st grade. Needless to say, had no concept of hormones yet. Lasted until she initially left St. Mary’s, after 3rd grade(?). When she came back in 5th grade, my feelings had atrophied. D Steel- Neighborhood girl; along with her mischievous next door neighbor Demond, we hung out often, up until she moved to a different part of town while we were in 6th grade. Never saw her after that, but did see her face in a high school who’s who of graduates. A Tone- for whatever reason, my mother insisted on teasing me about her, up until she left for Colorado in 5th grade. It started when I gave her a page out of my Shogun Warriors coloring book, back in Kindergarten. A Tapper- Daughter of our 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Tapper. Back in 7th grade, somebody hipped me to the notion that she was interested in me. I didn’t know her well, and I figured, heck, she lives in Miller, I’m downtown, what’s the point (as usual!). I just brushed it off. T Jif- 6th grade girl who was advanced enough in reading to participate in our 7th grade reading class. Initially, she happened to ride the city bus about halfway back home ‘together’ with me. When someone made me aware that she allegedly had a crush on me, I brushed it off verbally, believing it to be just the latest prank to humiliate me. That afternoon, T Jif had some very cross words for me at the bus stop. A few minutes later, she apologized, and we were at least cordial after that. She ended up at Andrean, pals with F Gray. So-- did she really like me, and word got back that I turned her down cold? Hell hath no fury, I guess. Still, I would never know… A Payne-classmate from 4th to 8th grade; she was slight framed, not to mention hot-tempered, so I never went for it. F Gray- Back in 7th grade, my pal 'Joe Sturgis' would repeatedly make mention of girls like Zzzz and Zzzz (I use Z’s to protect the innocent—and the litigious-minded); I really wasn’t interested in anyone in the class at the time, but I kind of felt left out of all the fun the rest of the guys seemed to be having. To be real, she was the first girl I copped a feel on (!). But I never really approached her in the capacity of trying to ‘go with her’; such was the typical terminology for dating, even if you never went anywhere. And so, despite the purloined pleasure from unsolicited sampling, I wasn’t full-blown into trying to find a girlfriend yet. At the time, I essentially made it up in my mind that I ‘liked’ her, only to keep up appearances. C Joloson- she was our most, um, well endowed classmate, she was the second girl I copped a feel on. and the third. Classmate at Andrean.

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