Friday, April 09, 2004

hockey playoffs are in full swing, detroit red wings hopefully will have a good run, if not all the way.. though i have to still object to the rule at many NHL stadiums where they block you from "randomly" exiting and re-entering your seat section (making you wait until there's a time-out, penalty, face-off, or end of period), if only to theoretically avoid folks either getting beaned by a stray puck (the epitome of bad timing), or beaned by beer-soaked fans who feel that you've blocked their vision during a key play.. maybe a red wings win will help bring some detroit unity-- one of the lingering ironies about detroit hockey is that Joe Louis Arena has been firmly downtown for decades, but attendance by fans of color is threadbare...

and the same goes for the Tigers baseball team, city-of-Detroit-Taxpayer-boosted stadium notwithstanding (thank you, tiger/redwings maestro Michael Ilitch and former mayor Dennis Archer).. at least new blood Pudge Rodriguez and the boys are 4-and-0, and will hopefully avoid the shameful performance of last year's almost literally worst-of-all-time record.. it's been 20 years since the Tigers' last pennant, and the last palpable pennant run, really..

of course, the Lions are months away from, uh, whatever it is they do every year, in the 3rd year of a great-to-look-at-but-nothing-great-to-witness-inside Ford Field (except the Black College Football/Band Showcase in August, started last year).. the old Pontiac Silverdome has turned its parking lot into a drive-in movie theater, so maybe now folks can go here instead of public parks to make out..

at least when the Super Bowl comes in 2006, there will be "Super Bowl Winners in Detroit" we can hold up.. and hopefully most of the empty shells of derelict buildings (and their derelict owners) downtown will have been reinvigorated or at least razed ('tis a madhouse, gah..).. I still haven't made it to the Hard Rock Cafe inside the CompuWare HQ building, but I hear that for all the stuff in there, there's no George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic memorabilia.. blasphemy!!

..Oh, and did Berry Gordy REALLY have to sell his last stake in Motown's publishing rights to EMI? "Shop Around", indeed.. on a vaguely related note, folks should check out "Standing in the Shadow of Motown", a documentary feature highlighting the contributions of the Funk Brothers studio musicans, who played on all the key motown tracks back in the days..

sorry for the rant-- good Easter to all..

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