Monday, April 26, 2004

Saga of ‘sexual awareness’ discussion in 8th grade. Oh, yeah. There was this one particular day that apparently was designated as the ‘Sex Ed’ day by the school. Since there were only 16 of us in the whole class, Mrs. Olberg and the 4 girls went down the hallway to another room to talk; and us guys stayed in the classroom while Mrs. Mervin came in to talk to us. As one might have expected, her talk was theology-centered, based in Scripture; however, things got off track really fast, thanks to the ‘devil’s advocates’ in the class. I think we started off with Adam and Eve, but then we ended up discussing Jesus and the miracle of the fish & bread (be fruitful & multiply?). In any case, any type of real-life issues were not even touched upon. That didn’t happen until our session with Mrs. Mervin was over and Mrs. Olberg came in; she was roped into talking with us. It was a much less contentious chat; among the topics touched on were physical urges, dating issues, how far to go, etc. Even wet dreams. Ah, I remember my first—It had something to do with Sheila E (remember her, from Prince’s band?). At the end of it all, she did an anonymous survey among us, asking whether or not we were still virgins. As the results tallied, 7 of us had said ‘yes’, while 5 of us had said ‘no’. Of course, I was among the sterile seven; who was among the fertile five? Well, strictly speaking, it wasn’t revealed, but I’d bet any money that it was, well, the guys in the class who actually talked about sex with regularity. Yes, I know, outrageous for some to believe that anyone not even in high school could lose the Big V. But by now it’s happening at younger and younger ages. Even though the median age for guys is 15 and 16 ½ for girls, there are still bound to be scores of exceptions to the rule. Young girls have been found to be starting puberty at younger ages now; and it has been a quiet scientific curiosity that many pre-pubescent boys, as young as 5, are technically fertile enough to impregnate a woman.

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