Monday, April 26, 2004

“Sharon Johns” (again, not her real name- I’m sensitive about lawsuits!)- She was my first almost-girlfriend. Her popularity extended way beyond me, and she knew it. I didn’t mind, really. I remember one morning, she ducked my hand when I tried to put my arm around her,. We both laughed; I knew there were other guys probably interested in her; she was the first girl that I felt really liked me. Of course, being as she lived in East Chicago, and me in Gary, that would’ve been awkward; especially considering that I didn’t have a car (mom’s car had been rusting in the driveway since early Sophomore year); or a part-time job. I felt stifled at the concept of asking her (or anyone) out to any dances; I could just see myself saying something like- “hey, babe, I don’t have a car, but I’ve got a skateboard, 4 wheel drive.” She was the first girl I got to talk to on the phone. She would occasionally make suggestive comments to me while talking. I remember it was around late November of senior year when she mentioned to me that she had started dating ‘Ben Tomack’. Anyway, shortly after that, around February, she mentioned that she had gotten ‘engaged’. This blew my mind, but I took it in stride, and swore to myself that I was not going to interfere. Of course, for whatever, reason, Sharon had no problem with asking my mother why I didn’t ask her to the senior prom (WHAT??!!!). Ultimately, I guess Sharon had no qualms about ‘being a player’, but I was either too strait-laced or too dumb to go ahead and ask her out anyway.

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