Wednesday, August 24, 2005

random rant of the day, pt. 1--
The Wit and Wisdom of Pat Robertson
Well, Uncle Pat, here you go again.. This time, publicly calling for assassinations.. was it only back in February that you said Haiti's historical problems go back to a Satanic pact made by the black slaves before their revolution? I guess The 700 Club needed its quarterly ratings boost....chances are, any criticisms laid against him will be dismissed as 'Christian bashing' and PC-jibber-jabber by conservative pundits-- (Tucker Carlson, you loon! The media does not hate evangelicals! If anything, they get more of a pass compared to say, Farrakhan or the like...)
.. Hopefully, the more common-sensed talking-heads on some of these shows will point out his quackery, and not be bullied into just saying "Hey, he's just an old man, leave him alone!"
**** him and everyone who thinks like him!

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