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well, i got harassed by General Collections Corp. this past week, ended up paying over $350 in back payments on some old college loans.. plus my $150 payment to Greenpath to split between four sources, and now I'm $14 in the hole as of today.. **** it.. I really don't feel like paying these vultures any more money.. I didn't graduate then, so as far as i'm concerned, it shouldn't count until I graduate.. **** that.. I have to earn a living and I'm not paying them anymore.. I'm really considering doing something criminal, if I can figure a way to get away with it.. my thoughts are becoming more violent.. I can't go to see my therapist this week; i can't afford the $50 co-pay, and I also missed another appointment to see whether or not medication is an option for me for my depression and anxiety.. no girlfriend, no money, lame job, not finished in school.. such loser-ism is too much for a man to take.. I'd commit suicide but I'm not sure I'…
here at school.. campus that is.. the library, computer lab.. all my posts made here so far.. i've gotta read a whole book by tomorrow, finish doing ****** homework (again), and stay sane enough to get up tomorrow.. these damned college loan people locked another $189 out of me monday, and another due this friday.. **** it, i'm giving up all my money to **** vultures.. i hate the way my life has gone.. dang, this is just ****ing loony.. i'm so out of it.. i really hope to get all of this over with by this week.. and tonight's the pistons game vs. the lakers.. maybe the last game.. detroit's up 3-1.. i have no ticket, i'm hungry, no girlfriend, and i'm frequently horny and there's nothing i can do about it.. what's a guy to do..
anybody been stymied by food allergies?

my allergies:

eggs (i don't dare try substitutes; if they taste "like" eggs, then...)

tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, macademias, cashews, pistachios, coconut, etc.; everything except peanuts, which technically are legumes..) at least i get to enjoy peanut butter..

99% of fish (except, for whatever reason, pollock.. even then, i tend to only eat the frozen sticks/filets; i don't try eating fish at restaurants at all...); i can't even stand to smell it cooking..

soy (including the milk & other derivatives)

the mild allergies (eggs, soy) make my tongue itch really badly, slightly aggravate my windpipe and give me monster cramps.. after which I have to recline in the restroom for a while..

the extreme allergies (fish, nuts) go even further, contracting my windpipe so severely i can't breathe..

the allergy extends to any recipe that involves any of the above.. which by and large make most pastries and baked goods off-li…
The saga of the 18th Letter:

I can remember when R. Kelly first came out—spring of 1992 (Born Into the 90's), I remember seeing him appear with Donnie Simpson on BET’s Video Soul (Donnie, where ya at?); I liked the “She’s got that vibe” single, so I picked up the cassette at a local store. Good stuff overall, and clearly influenced by Teddy Riley’s then-ubiquitous New Jack Swing sound. I was more into the uptempo tunes, where Kelly actually rapped on several cuts. His MC skills were adequate, though not spectacular. But I’m thinking that “Dedicated” and “Slow Jam” became the big hits off that LP, so 1993’s 12-Play became almost exclusively ballad-driven (feh!). “Your Body’s Callin’” was cool, though. his 1995 self-titled LP continued the trend, and he seemed to settle into his own sound that didn’t sound like a Guy clone. “You remind me” voiced some weird metaphors “you remind me of my jeep…. You remind me of my credit card/I wanna spend you baby..”
The whole Aaliyah debac…