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So what’s going on with michael jackson?  Shortly after the raid at the Neverland ranch, NBC set up a ‘Dateline’ special about the situation, barely days after his property was raided and the arrest warrant issued.  Talk show hosts speculate on what will or would happen should he be convicted.  60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley did an interview with him, and it was only vaguely revelatory at best.
Is it a set-up? If so, by whom?  The family of the child has hired the same lawyer that represented the child in the first case 10 years ago.  Supposedly, this evidence was revealed in psychotherapy, allegedly involving seduction by pills and drink.
I always admired (and when I was younger, idolized) the man, and his family’s music, especially knowing they were from my hometown.  It was kind of like, you could be from small-town indiana and make it, too.
I always enjoyed watching him on tv, in the videos and occasional concert footage.  I never got to see him live in person.  I remember when the Vic…
It's going to take time for me to get over this.. in a major way.. i just don't know.. i hope all his property ends up intact.. for his kids, if nothing else.. i want to explore the music he collected.. that's probably still going to be worth something in the future...
having graduated from Berklee college of music in boston, he was always working part-time as a producer, with local acts.. he never got his 'break', alas..

I'm slowly going nuts.. the weekend of June 26 my older brother Jeff died from a heart attack.. he was going to get married to his girlfriend this September-- and she's 6 months pregnant.. he's got two older children from previous relationships.. ..what's more, i've got two other brothers that have cut themselves off from us, I don't hear from them at all and nobody knows where to find them.. ... so at this point, my sister and I are the only "active" siblings (out of 5) left in my immediate family... and here i am with busted bank account, i don't know how i'm gonna help out with the arrangements.. my own mortality has become even more glaring.. and i don't see that great of a life for myself in the future.. the funeral will likely be on the holiday weekend, friday, saturday.. I don't think i'll ever celebrate the fourth of July again..

.. just getting back from…