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"Represent yo' clique! Represent yo' clique! Bia-biaaahhh!!!"
Lil Jon, "Bia Bia" (radio version, of course)

50 Cent. G-Unit. The Game. Fat Joe. Jadakiss. Sheek. Jay-Z. Nas. Lil' Kim. Lil' Cease. Trillville. Lil' Scrappy. Lil' Flip. T.I. Chingy. Ludacris. It's hard to tell who doesn't have beef with anybody in hip-hop anymore.

The whole posse thing—excuse me, clique—(though, I suspect most of these folks would spell it ‘click’ if you asked them), is just out of control. Why is the ultra-clique necessary to go out anywhere? A mild-mannered group of folks that happens to meet each other at the same spot is one thing—But imagine five SUV’s arriving at the same time, or two of those Hummer limousines. They come into the club or wherever, and their entourage/crew, official or unofficial, is like 15, 20, 25 deep; at least half of them smoke weed, and damn near all of them drink, and for most it’s not a thing where they’re conten…
i skipped school for the summer, i'm going back in the fall.. things are going "okay", but my car (1994 cutlass) just flaked out on me-- apparently it needs a new fuel pump and it would take $450+ to have it fixed. But on top of that, part of the undercarriage is really rusty, and it would take even more money to replace that if it falls apart.. so i'm junking it, and starting to look for something else..

Damn, if it's not one thing..