Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Here we go.
... I truly debated in myself who to vote for.. I didn't want to vote for Bush.. But I didn't really love John Kerry, either.. I wasn't familiar with most of the other names... Nader I knew of, but I knew he had no chance, as did the others.. So I went with a 'protest' vote to clearly be against Bush, and have some substantive impact-- So I voted for Kerry.

**** my luck. Bush won again. Four more years of stupidity to come. Probably war in Iran within 14 months, and likely North Korea. The military will be stretched to its limits. A real, new draft will start. More terror attacks overseas. Hopefully none here. More job outsourcing. Economy will tumble further. Federal bankruptcy? The cynical and anarchistic side of me hopes so. I hope that religious conservatives get their comeuppance. Sweating over stupid things while real chaos reigns. Too many of these clowns—the black ones and the white ones—are too Armageddon-minded and looking for The Rapture to think rationally about these events. I hope they’re happy when more jobs leave and people get even more desperate. Desperate as in crime. Social Security’s getting hacked up. Federal Head Start funding’s getting the axe. Even less affirmative action than before. White entitlement and jackass ‘colorblind’ ethos will abound.

I could never be president. My views are too out of the mainstream to be even remotely accepted by most people. For one thing, I really don’t give a damn about gay marriage—which torches my credibility with roughly 80% of people out there from jump street. For what it’s worth, why deny gay people the opportunity to have their money wasted by wedding planners, photographers, caterers and dining halls, most of whom can be counted on to charge exorbitant fees for minor returns? Why cut out such a potentially lucrative source of income and maybe give the economy a minor boost?
My other issues- Affirmative action? More of it. Reparations should be more federal minority scholarships to college & trade schools. More money into job training programs. Cut 50% of the military budget and put the money into that. $70 billion can be better spent on domestic development rather than learning how to blow up stuff better. I’m no war hawk, and it’s time people wised up to all of this ‘fighting in remote Asia and Arabia for corporate interests equals freedom on American soil’ BS.
Cuba- lift sanctions, restore normal relations. Nationalized health care- yes. Put a cap on corporate salaries for health-related industries. Regulate tobacco. Legalize marijuana and tax it heavily. Legalize prostitution and tax that heavily.
Stop the world, I want to get off!

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