"Lady! Your weave's blocking my view!"

A suburban Michigan legislature elected official is introducing a bill that would require Michigan's movie theaters to post "real-start" times for films, so moviegoers can avoid the 'torture' of the now-standard 10-20 minute run of commercials and previews for other movies. For what its worth, I think this is the best thing in the world for black folks. At the risk of giving 'Colored People's Time' a free pass, in my experience, most people show up late to movies anyway-- so, let's say a flick starts at 6 p.m., if most people get there between 6:15 - 6:25, the movie's literally just starting, so it's not like they've really missed anything.
And, based on my own admitted quasi-film scholar tendencies, I don't mind getting to stretch and relax in my seat (with arms outstretched to the adjacent seats) for a few minutes before the main attraction starts.

...a little bird told me of a good way to scam free popcorn-- go to a theater that gives free refills on tubs-- as soon as the show is over, skim the emptying aisles for someone who's left a tub-- if it's free from bodily secretions and other garbage, then take it up to the concession stand for a 'refill'... this technique is not really recommended for soda refills, though...


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