Mission: Unlikely?
Ah. Looking at Tom Cruise's MI3- it’s a good-looking film, with lots of action and gadgets. I think the plot is mishandled, however. Keri Russell has a bit part as a protégé of Ethan Hunt, who ends up captured on her first field mission. Hunt and crew go to rescue her, but she ends up dying from a micro-bomb implanted up her nose. Hunt’s fiancee knows nothing about his life as a spy. Unfortunately, when the team ends up capturing arms dealer Davian, he ends up finding out information on Hunt. As it turns out, there’s a mole in the IMF organization. Evidence discovered by Keri points to boss Laurence Fishburne. Fiancee June is kidnapped by Davian’s followers, and Davian himself is freed in a daring highway escape. Ethan’s framed as the rogue agent, and breaks out of the IMF headquarters to go find the ‘rabbit’s foot’ and rescue June. His teammates are with him. They help Ethan break into the facility that has the Rabbit’s Foot, but Ethan ends up being captured. He eventually escapes custody, then runs the streets of Shanghai to find June- there, Davian is waiting for him, and Ethan now faces a handicap—a mini-bomb like the one that killed Keri has been planted in his own head. The fight with Davian is fierce, but Hunt wins. Then, he must convince his wife to give him a jerry-rigged shock treatment to disable the bomb inside him. Reluctantly, she does, then grabs his gun and shoots the last of Davian’s henchmen. June is able to revive Hunt, and then the whole team is reunited in the states.
It didn’t have the same kineticism as the previous M:I-2 movie did, which was directed by John Woo. I felt that the climax should have had more bad guys, and something should have gotten blown up at the end. Come on! I wouldn’t have minded seeing Thandie Newton return in this movie, as well. Maybe she could have been a part of the team, and they could touch on the fact that her romance with Hunt didn’t last. I wonder if June’s character will work for the IMF in the next film. And yeah, she does look like Katie Holmes a little. Coincidence?


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