American Mule Entertainment
Public Enemy #0
words- Chuck D, Adam Wallenta
Art- Adam Wallenta

Great news people- the Enemy has arrived! in the planning stages for a few years now, Chuck D linked up with East Coast- indie creator/rap artist Adam Wallenta aka 'Illus', and his American Mule Entertainment, to develop a Public Enemy comic book series. Issue #0 is a 'preview' issue, and the plot finds a top-level exec of the National Security Agency poring over a Public Enemy dossier-- he is confused on how this 'rap group' manages to stay active while reputedly being involved in 'subversive' activities, with a network called 'the Underground Railroad'..

an NSA field agent reports his findings to his boss-- turns out, Public Enemy was present in New Orleans to deliver unsanctioned aid during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.. told in flashback, we see a shopkeeper confront a 'looter', and PE intervenes before things get ugly-- the current P.E. crew is here: Chuck D, Flavor Flav (with viking helmet & clock necklace), Professor Griff, the S1Ws (James Bomb, Pop Diesel), and DJ Lord (alas, Terminator X 'mysteriously disappeared' in 1999, but in this writer's estimation is presumably on reserve status, off the radar, raising ostriches in NC.. but don't sleep on Norm-- who knows when he might pop up to speak with his hands)..

Even as the storefront beef is squashed, a rogue vigilante group calls itself Bogarting supplies but PE lays the smackdown (we see Chuck's utility belt & gun holster.. Griff and the S1W's have knives, ninja swords and uzi's; DJ Lord has razor-edged 12" discs, Flav has a katana and an assortment of clock-shaped bombs).. The NSA boss is unamused...Meanwhile, "elsewhere", a teenage boy is apparently the subject of a bizarre experiment.. those in the room calmly observe him, remarking that they will soon have "the ultimate weapon".. "and the world will be ours"... Needless to say- TO BE CONTINUED, in Public Enemy #1, due out in July--

..a backup feature has GI JOE-styled bios of all the current bandmembers, and includes a glimpse at one of many presumably future bad guys, 'New World Order Agent'for pre-order info, go to

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