Saturday, Oct. 4, @ Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI. The crowd was about 10,000 people. Tickets were free, mostly secured from Obama campaign offices throughout the Metro area. T-shirt vendors were perched outside the venue, hawking Obama shirts and more. The show was set up to raise awareness for voter registration- the deadline being Monday, October 6. Local radio personalities hosted the introductory segment- an African-American Iraq veteran leads the pedge of allegiance; local singer and Oprah Winfrey Show-singing-contest winner Lashell Griffin sang the Star Spangled Banner; a judge running for michigan's supreme court said some brief remarks; finally a trio of Obama campaign workers urged the audience to engage their friends and family members to be registered and to vote on November 4th. Finally the main event: wearing a T-shirt, jeans, gymshoes and a NY Yankees cap, Jay-Z took the stage around 9:30, and did an hour-long set, no guest performers, just Shawn Carter and his band.

Songs where he performed at least two verses:
Roc Boys; Blue Magic; Jigga my Ni**a; 99 Problems; Show Me What You Got; Give it to Me; What More Can I Say; Encore; Dirt on Your Shoulder; Excuse Me Miss; Izzo/Hova; Big Pimpin; Jigga-What-Jigga-Who; Dead Presidents II; Minority Report

Jay Z took the time out to give several shouts out to Senator Barack Obama, "I'm not telling you who to vote for, but I'm telling you who i'm voting for".. "when they tell kids that you can grow up to be" (anything they want), it comes across as a "cliche', but now I believe it.." Jay remarked about his childhood in Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, and how now (the system) "finally include us" in this election; "the most important election in our lifetimes". The giant video screen behind him on the stage flashed imagery from various things from song to song, in particular when he was performing "minority report" he showed footage of katrina, and recurring images of President George W. Bush, at the end of the song, the screen stopped at a close-up of Bush looking pensive, to massive boos from the audience.. he included a couple songs from his upcoming album, 'Swagger Like Us' and 'Jockin' Jay-Z'.. After the main set was over, he came back and stood next to the DJ to run through brief snippets of various other songs, including "Who Ya with", "Can I get a..", "Hard Knock Life", "Crazy in Love", "Money, Cash, H*es", "The City is Mine", "Money Ain't a Thing", "What We Do", "Ain't no Ni**a", etc.


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