In Detroit Michigan at Second Ebenezer Church there was a community town hall meeting held. The subject was crime prevention in the city of Detroit. Hosting pastor Bishop Edgar Vann was in attendance, as was Detroit city council president Charles Pugh, who served as official moderator of the event. There were about 20 or so individuals on the panel, mostly representing different aspects of law enforcment. Among them were members of: Detroit Police Dept., Detroit Public School Police, Michigan DEA, Michigan ATF, Homeland Security, Michigan Dept. of Corrections, Wayne County Sheriffs, and Michigan State Police. Kym Worthy of the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office was present, as was the US Justice Dept.'s Barbara McQuade. John Broad, the Presidnet of anonymous tip-line CrimeStoppers Michigan was there, as was an executive of the Skillman Foundation and representaives from local non-profit social-work agencies/Community Development Coalitions. The event was sparsely attended, though obviously the inclement weather contributed to the low turnout, as Metro Detroit had just experienced a bad winter storm.
Detroit City Councilwoman Brenda Jones was in the audience but not on the panel. Each panelist had roughly two minutes explaining their agency's function and what program(s)/practices are in effect in Detroit that are ongoing.
Questions (written on index cards and read by Pugh) were asked of the panel.. The one that got the most debate was concerning prisoner re-entry. The Dept. of Corrections rep mentioned the programs they had, and made passing mention of Kym Worthy's disagreement with some of their policies. Worthy offered a sharp rebuttal about her concerns of violent offenders being released prematurely and not just non-violent offenders. counter-points were made by both of them for a few minutes before finally moving on.
Other questions raised-- what can schools do about bullying... how can the gang issue be addressed, in light of school consolidations and neighborhood rivals being corralled together.. what is the benefit of testifying regarding crime... is crime-stoppers truly anonymous.. why are there no more police mini-stations in the city.. is it wise to "confront" the known malefactors in the neighborhood..


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