Hip-Hop Culture website HipHopDX.Com interviews "Freeway" Rick Ross, the Los Angeleno who spent years in federal prison on drug-charges, and who became legendary in the 1980s for the cocaine/crack epidemic that hit throughout inner-city America. The interview touches on Ross's experiences, including an ongoing lawsuit against popular rap artist 'Rick Ross' (whose real name is William Roberts). The elder Ross is suing his namesake for undisclosed damages. He is also pursuing the creation of a biographical motion picture based on his life-- claiming to have the acclaimed actor Nick Cassavetes onboard as a screenwriter/producer.

I grew up in the inner-city, but I didn't grow up idolizing the "street dudes" a.k.a. the dope-pushers of the neighborhood, the gang-bang guys, etc. I just had other things on my mind, like school, football, my favorite music, comic books, etc. Back when the gold-ropes and early Air Jordan shoes were popular, I wouldn't have minded having that, but I knew my folks couldn't afford it, and I wasn't interested in going the "hustling" route.

I My hope is that the 'real' Rick Ross is now dedicating his life to helping the inner-city underclass, considering his role in exploiting the underclass years ago. Regardless of whatever the government involvement/connection was, he is not an innocent in the legacy of crack.
I hope he puts whatever money he raises toward scholarships, job-training programs, drug-treatment programs, etc., and that "Freeway Enterprises" isn't just a front for him to be a big baller all over again..


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