DETROIT MEDIA PARTNERSHIP'S IDEAQUEST 2011 The two major Detroit newspapers (Detroit News and Detroit Free Press) are having a free contest on how the newspapers can better serve the Metro Detroit and Michigan communities. They started an online contest where people were given an open-ended solicitation to come up with ideas that both the News and the Free Press can potentially take on as real initiatives or policies. From content delivery to editorial content and coverage to supporting charity initiatives, "the sky's the limit" in the words of the promotion staff. This author came up with a pitch that would involve both newspapers bankrolling a charter school for urban Detroit school-age children, providing a quality education with a lean towards media-skills instruction that would prepare them for an eventual career in that industry. The "Media Academies" pitch can be found here-;topicseen#msg96 The link to Voting (preferably for the "Media Academies" pitch) can be found here-

The top Ten pitches voted on will enable the authors to make a live pitch to the contest's judges, including representatives from the Detroit News, Free Press, and the current Domino's Pizza CEO. The final top winners (one from the public and one employee of the Newspapers) will each receive a $5,000 cash grant and the idea will be formally adopted by the newspapers. Voting can be done once a day for the next two weeks or so.


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