Miami-based rapper Rick Ross was recently hospitalized twice in the past 24 hours, relating to unreleased health issues. In both cases, Ross suffered from a seizure, which left him temporarily unconscious.


...as much as I have a problem with his overall image and themes, I wish him the best during this crisis.

I also hope it prompts him to take whatever his health situation is more seriously, and take steps to address it. It's definitely missing the point to just write this off as nothing, or just an isolated episode of "exhaustion" or whatever.

Who knows whether he has a health insurance plan. He definitely should have the money to afford one. If he can blow "a million" on strip bars, high-end cars, clothes and jewelry, I really hope he's got some comprehensive coverage..

Medicaid information-

Many low and modest-income folks, particularly in minority communities, avoid going to see health care professionals on a regular basis, and end up going to Emergency Rooms whenever a crisis hits, or just whenever "they feel bad".. There is a particular challenge for black men to see about regular health checkups, and the various health issues that disproportionately affect african-americans, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, HIV/Aids, and more.

As various citiy, county and state governments are facing revenue shortfalls (hello, Bush tax cuts), one of the programs that typically face cutbacks are public health facilities, including free/low-cost clinics and health departments, which may not provide primary care but do provide other resources including immunizations, disease screening, substance abuse treatment, lead-poisoning prevention/control, and more.

Too bad that more rappers have not been public advocates for health care reform or improved health/wellness resources in urban communities; and I doubt that this incident will compel anyone in the business to do that. But they should.


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