Make Politicians Pay Attention:

a sample letter that i've been emailing to various elected officials, those near me as well as national-- every little bit helps. a lot of these folks are running for re-election circa '06, so keep that in mind:

To whom it may concern:

I would like the federal (regional, local) relief efforts to be steppedup to help New Orleans and the other areas affected by the disaster:

Some suggestions-
For transportation-- appeal to corporations-- get bus companies like greyhound, trailways, etc., to donate buses for evacuations. similar things can be done: charter moving groups like U-Haul, etc. at the various temporary shelter sites, donated food can come from restaurants and food distribution services. All these companies can get tax credit for their donated resources.

The Army, Navy, and Marines should be brought in tohelp get people out. Military helicopters can be usedto lift people in groups, and Navy and Coast Guard ships can be used to transport people on water.

You should propose a bill where all the victims of the disaster should get amnesty from income taxes for this next coming year.

Thank You

city, state
citizen, taxpayer


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