school daze, '05 style--

back to school at WSU this semester; taking a course in African-American History 1865 - Present: "The History of African-Americans & Work": more or less looking at the history of African-Americans within various industries that have come up since the end of the Civil War. Right now I'm reading On Her Own Ground, a biography of Madam C.J. Walker by her granddaughter, A'Lelia Bundles. A very good read so far.

Looks as if the course is going to be reading-intensive, we'll be reading about a book every other week. Naturally; as if I didn't have enough things siphoning my money as it is. But, I guess that's just par for the course for your higher education: But-- $128 for 6 books? Egads! All the hustler-types out there need to leave the weed, crack, meth and heroin alone and start selling college textbooks! Stores are making a killing, and it's all legal, and the bad thing is, if the books you use are "unique" to your particular class, i.e., your professor probably isn't teaching the same class next semester, you may end up having a hard time getting rid of them by the end of the term.

Tuition went up this year in all Michigan schools, over 10% average. Students are put in even more of a bind, and it's even more important to scour the Web for scholarship information. I still have old loans from my days at U. of Michigan-Ann Arbor hanging over my head, and I've been avoiding paying it back with hardship deferments for years now, since I just don't have the cash-- I wish I could hit the lottery or something so I could pay it back in one lump sum. Of course, I don't play the lottery, so that's not likely to happen.

...Of course now, G.W. Bush signed that new law some months back that revises personal bankruptcy laws; not that he'll ever be in a position to care about such things, one way or the other.

...John Roberts' Senate hearings are starting now, for his nomination for the Supreme Court (boooo... hsssss). I suspect that the Democrats will put up an opposition as solid as cooked spaghetti, and he'll end up getting in. Of course, he's up for Chief Justice now, which I suspect is a shock for many who presumed that Thomas or Scalia would get the nod for that position. But who now is going to replace Sandra Day O'Connor? Hmm. A Latino? A woman? I think there's maybe a 15% chance of that happening. When it comes down to it, I just don't think a person of color and/or woman is going to get in there, period. "Sorry, next time" will be the credo-- of course, it'll probably be another 15-20 years before one of the rest of them decide to check out..

Rehnquist: Rest in Blazes!


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